Afghan Winner


Provision of HR  Management Services (UNICEF)

Surviving in today’s business climate requires you to understand and measure what your target customers like and dislike about your services and/or products. Knowing what motivates and satisfies employees and customers is critical to building strong relationships. This knowledge helps you retain employees and customers, and learn how to entice new ones while growing your business. Gain a competitive advantage by knowing your customer service requirements and what makes a difference with your employees. The Key Element can assist you with services that include:

  • Conducting employee and customer service satisfaction surveys
  • Conducting employee and customer focus groups
  • Enhancing relationships and work environment

Improve performance with personalized progressive solutions that positively affect your bottom line by unlocking the human potential in your staff and organization. Afghan Winner International Company has implemented many HR Management projects with different national and international organizations such as (UN Agencies, USAIDs) and so on.  And had wide experience in managing the staff.