UNICEF/Afghan Winner Provision of Ancillary and Labor Services in across Afghanistan

Provision of Ancillary and Labors project is a UNICEF funded project. 

It is clearly focus on how to develop the Ancillary Services.as a service provider of UNICEF Afghanistan right now afghan winner logistic service is implementing long term agreement for provision of human resource management. AWLSCC is currently implementing over 5 similar projects with almost the same scope in Afghanistan, including; 1) staff identification & recruitment; 2) training and job placement; 3) provision of office equipment; 4) oversight support and mentoring; 5) payroll processing and payment; and 6) feedback and reporting.

AWLSCC provided quality services to flourish organizational requirements of the following institutions, which are indicatives of the existence, abilities and capacities of the company to undertake such taks.

Start Date


Completion Date



5 Years